Our in-house facilities offer laser cutting, die-cut and nibbling using the latest technology to deliver results that meet the highest standards.

Laser Cutting, Die Cutting and Nibbling

Want to add a distressed look to your garment, or alter a ready-made garment?

We offer cutting and nibbling services for all garments. We can add cuts, nibbles and cosmetic distress to ready-made garments, creating more of a wear-and-tear aesthetic, a unique way to add that extra bit of detail to almost any product.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting uses a laser to cut into the material. The advantages are extreme accuracy, clean cuts and sealed fabric edges to prevent fraying, which makes this method very popular in the fashion industry.

The laser can cut directly through the fabric or engrave designs onto the surface. Very fine details and intricate patterns can be achieved on most textiles.

Die Cutting

Die Cutting creates a smooth, crisp edge with a specific, consistent finish.

Die cutting creates less waste material which is not only cost-effective but better for the environment as well. With only one machine needed, the process is cost-effective and efficient. A die cutting machine can fashion shapes with a single punch so that identical forms can be made more quickly than any alternative method.


Nibbling and distress is a process of purposefully adding rips, tears, slashing, or other wear and damage to an item to give the idea of a distressed look.

Nibbling and distress can work on almost any product. It is a technique used notably for products made from denim, leather and other hardy fabrics, but can be done on any fabric type.

Three distressed t-shirts
Distressed garments
Laser cut fabric
Distressed garments
Laser cut fabric
Examples of distressed garments


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